You Take Requests? For What Exactly?

Here's how it works...You give me five bucks, you tell me what to draw, and I draw it. I'll email you the image and then I'll post it here for everyone to see (I offer no guarantees on quality). Everyone wins!

Three things you can't request--Hardcore porn. The materials/media used. Your money back.

I will reject money for any logo requests (personal or corporate), so please don't send them. I have friends that are graphic designers, and that is their job--I'm just a cartoonist.

This is for fun and funds, so the quality of the drawing will depend based on my interest in the subject matter, the approach I decide to take, and available materials. Please don't cheat the system, by asking me to draw 100 different likenesses in one drawing for $5. I'll probably just send your money back. All requests will be posted on the site as I get to them (please keep in mind that I do have a full-time job). Due to shipping costs, I will only mail out the original art to folks who have made more than two requests. Please keep in mind that due to the size of the scanner, some of the pieces are folded or trimmed. I retain the full rights to any of the art I create, but if you want to use it for something, just ask me.

John Gholson

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Paul Frank Sock Monkey with Drug Problems"

The first of three requests from LAZK Enterprises. Just say no, folks. Thanks, LAZK!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Cookie Monster & me on a raft made of cookie w/sharks circlin'"

Mr. Snacktastic himself, Patrick Holland, sent in the second Cookie Monster request I've received. Yes, the sharks are circling in MILK, and, no, I don't know how they can survive in milk instead of salt water, but, hey, I'm no scientist. Check out Patrick's blog here, where he eats all manner of delicious things, and then tells you how delicious they are. Thanks, Patrick!

Friday, October 9, 2009

"A knitting owl"

Another request from Mick Tomlinson of CyberMonkeyDeathSquad. I think I know who this request is really for (Hi, Tara!). Thanks, Mick!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday Night Update

THIS THURSDAY. Mark it on your calendar, because the requests are a'comin'. Oh yes. Yes, they are.

I recommend planning a party.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Eva-01, wearing a skimmer hat & a monocle, doing a tap dance"

I thought this second request from Jen Blair was going to be incredibly difficult to draw, so I just did it straight onto the paper with a cheapie ballpoint pen. For one thing, it left me with no margin of error, and for another, when I'm drawing like this it feels more fun to me--like it's not as "serious" a job; it's more like a doodle. There's a little more energy that comes across this way, and I think this request needed that bounciness. Thanks, Jen!

"Declan (mah baby) needs to be a superhero"

Guess what? It's hard to draw a portrait of a baby. I learned this here. All I can do is try and make him look cute, then stand back and hope his Momma, Tiffany, likes it. Thanks, Tiffany!

Monday, August 31, 2009

"Twiki, from Buck Rogers. BOWLING"

This groovy request comes from Paul Alvarado-Dykstra, one of the fine folks making things happen for Texas filmmakers at the Texas Motion Picture Alliance. I was a big Twiki fan when I was a kid. Even though recently revisiting Buck Rogers in the 25th Century on DVD didn't exactly turn me into a diehard, life-long fan, it did confirm that the show was more entertaining than the original Battlestar Galactica. Little person in a robot boy costume > little person in a robot dog costume. Thanks, Paul!

"Hunter S. Thompson"

Here's a drawing of writer Hunter S. Thompson for Jay Rawson. I don't know if this is of interest, but this is another piece where I laid Sharpie to paper, with no pencil work to outline the drawing ahead of time. If I messed up, the drawing was finished--doomed to the waste basket for a second attempt. I feel I did all right here, and I like the finished version quite a bit. Thanks, Jay!

"The Statue of Liberty setting fire to Mothra"

Mothra was very fun to draw. I don't really have anything to add to this cool request from George Hickman. Thanks, George!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"a logo for our gaming (WoW) guild"

Tabitha Parker is a sweeeeetheart. This is a pretty basic drawing, but grapically, I think it gets your attention, which means it works. Tabi was very accomodating to my "NO LOGOS" rule, offering to change her request, but I decided to go ahead and do it (mainly as an excuse to draw some "Kirby Crackle"). Thanks, Tabi!

Monday, August 24, 2009

"Harry Potter, rave dancing"

OMG WIZARD RAVE! This request comes from Noah Lee, and it feels like an in-joke that I am not in on. Thanks, Noah!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Al Gore beating polar bear with a bat titled 'Global Warming'"

Sometimes you simply get whatcha pay for. This marks the first political cartoon I've been requested to draw (by Brian Gordon). Thanks, Brian!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Night Update

Here's the queue, in order. I've left off my brother, Chris, because I can do his in person, and Debbie Cerda's request re-do, which I will get to when the volume of requests is at a comfortable place again...

1. Brian Gordon
2. Noah Lee
3. George Hickman
4. Tiffany Sullivan
5. Jay Rawson
6. Paul Alvarado-Dykstra
7. Jen Blair
8. Mick Tomlinson
9. Patrick Holland
10. Amy Cone

11. LAZK Enterprises
12. LAZK Enterprises
13. LAZK Enterprises
14. George Takenami
15. Jacob Hall
16. Greg Goodsell
17. Tim Capper
18. Sam Buys
19. Gillian Ashurst
20. Brandi Ferguson

21. Brian Saur
22. Brian Saur
23. Nicholas Anderson
24. Michael McCutchen
25. James Colunga
26. Richard Peacock
27. Brian Knowles
28. Dawn Lambright**
29. Dawn Lambright**
30. Rachelle Swaim

31. Tara Tomlinson
32. Tara Tomlinson
33. Catherine Couturier
34. Catherine Couturier
35. Tamara Cao
36. Matthew Lisowski
37. Truman Jensen
38. Gillian Ashurst
39. Matthew Corley
40. Amanda Yates**

(I'm turning the request button back on once I reach this point...)

41. Amanda Yates**
42. Caldweane Mandal
43. Justin Kovar
44. Justin Kovar
45. Matthew Bey
46. Danna Scott
47. Danna Scott
48. Jeremy Riegel
49. Rod Paddock

**For some reason, your payment came through with no request info attached. Please send me an email telling me what you want me to draw (

" Cookie Monster Doing the Here's Johnny Bit from The Shining"

This request comes from Noah Lee. I could draw Muppets all day. Thanks, Noah!

"an owl who lives in a colorful and magical happy place"

I can think of no place more colorful and magical than your local Department of Motor Vehicles. This request comes from Rachel Cerkovnik, intended to liven up her cubicle. Interesting note about this drawing--this is the first one I've done for the site which was straight ink to paper, without me laying down any kind of rough pencil work beforehand. This is how I usually draw, when I'm drawing for my own pleasure, and I think there's a vitality to my art this way, because it leaves absolutely no margin for error. The downside is that I throw away 75% of my drawings due to mess-ups. Thanks, Rachel!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Iron Man and Wolverine in a brother-like pose"

Here's Angela Maldonado's request: "Pic represents my brothers' favorite comic characters. One passed away and comics was something they both loved, so the pose, in a way, represents them." I chose to do the 90's versions of these characters for Angela, whose work you can hear on NPR's Latino USA. Thanks, Angela!

Vulcan Pin-Up Girl

This is the "first" request from Elizabeth Novo, as I got her two Vulcan girl requests mixed up with each other. Here's T'Pring, looking sexy, ready for some Pon Farr lovin'. Thanks, Elizabeth!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"the Fourth Doctor, as a fox"

Charles Cowan requested the "Fourth Doctor". I hope Tom Baker's Dr. Who is what he wanted and not a character from Chicago Hope. If so...whoops. Thanks, Charles!

Monday, August 10, 2009

"A dragon with a job in a office building/cubicle"

I considered a couple of approaches for this request from Max Crandall, and I chose the one that amused me the most. If this weren't a $5 drawing, and were more of an illustration piece, it'd be great to see the entire office looking in on the "new guy". As it is, it works as a sort-of one panel comic strip. Fun request...Thanks, Max!

Monday, August 3, 2009

"Kuhn Dawg Brewing"

Debbie Cerda wrote this note: "Kuhn Dawg is one nick, but you'll see at that he always calls his brewing "ExtraDiveNanoBrew". Two passions: Diving and brewing beer. They don't mix but they can take turns. Dive until you can't any longer, then you can dive into a pint of beer. Think of it as diving's 19th hole." I'm no good with golf metaphors, but I mixed Poseidon with diving and beer-drinking, and I like the end result. I hope Ed and Debbie like it too. Thanks, Debbie!


So, this was a request for Texas WATER WOMEN Network. See what I did there? I MESSED IT UP. And, no, I didn't save the .psd file, so I can't edit it. I have to do a complete re-do. Anyway, Debbie Cerda will get a revised version, and I'll post that when I get to it, but I'm going to forge ahead for a little bit on other requests for now, lest I pull my hair out.

Sunday Night Update

The request button is being disabled again because I fell behind this week, wholly due to my art supplies vanishing. The good news is I have my supplies again (I did two drawings tonight--I'll post them soon), so I should get back to a comfortable place fairly quickly, but I can't guarantee a date when the request button will be turned back on. You can check back here on the site, follow me on twitter, or join the Facebook page to be alerted as to when it will be turned back on.

Basically, once I feel like I'm caught up (20 drawings or so), I'll be ready to take requests again, so look out.

(And thank you.)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Morning Update

My art supplies may be missing. I've been carting them around with me for the past couple of weeks in a brown paper bag, and I haven't had them since last Sunday. I thought they were at a friend's place, and they may have been, but we still can't find them. It's extremely frustrating.

The only real way I can express my regret is with this YouTube video of the song "It's Too Late to Apologize" (the gun-clicking sound is especially classy) set to melodramatic images from Japanese yaoi manga.

"Austin Womens Beer League"

Might I direct your attention here, the website behind Debbie Cerda's request. Thanks, Debbie!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

"a large meteorite just as it breaks the surface of Town Lake"

I suspect there's a back story to this request from Wendy Cotter, but I have no idea what it is. It's a simple request--the first volley in the utter destruction of our fair city. Thanks, Wendy!

"Something dark, along the lines of Edgar Allen Poe"

Going out of order just a little bit for this experimental piece (partly because I didn't want two images in a row with the Austin skyline). This is not truly a scan of the original art, instead this request from Dawn Lambright has been digitally manipulated because I really thought the effect added something to the image. Dawn will receive a scan of the original, and I'll post the "raw" version someday soon so everyone can see the difference. Thanks, Dawn!

"Luke Mullen and Slevin as a crime fighting duo"

I'm actually typing this from Luke Mullen's computer! Yes, I know a superhero personally. Slevin is dressed in the classic Iron Man armor, modified, of course, for his canine body. This request comes from Katie Slaughter. Thanks, Katie!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"a bananafish"

If the banana fish is a real type of fish, then someone help me out here. I assumed it was a real fish, but an image search only turned up bizarre and silly pictures of a creature, much like the one you see pictured above, literally half-banana, half-fish. This is for Chad Walters' three-year old daughter. I hope she likes it. Thanks, Chad!

"a lantern fish having a staring contest with a giant squid"

This request comes from Tara Tomlinson of CyberMonkeyDeathSquad, a passionate site dedicated to cool (and geeky) pop culture. This may be the first time I've used a photo reference to draw a squid, by the way. While you may think he's small for a "giant" squid, the truth is that this lantern fish is actually monstrously huge. Thanks, Tara!

"A handsome cowboy riding a bronking rhino"

This request is from my awesome Mom! Thanks, Mom!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Night Update

Okay...the day job has settled down some, so it's quite literally back to the drawing board for me.

Look for a steady stream of output over the next two days...You guys deserve some freshly baked cookies for being so patient with me.

Rock on, requesters. Rock on.

Friday, July 17, 2009

"Cthulhu, Cerberus, Medusa, and Tony Danza playing poker, with Danza showing a royal flush and saying 'Who's the Boss, bitches?!'"

Hopefully, the Tony Danza is a hilarious cheat. No, I didn't draw his head, but I did digitally manipulate it enough to fit in with the rest of this drawing from requester Brad McHargue. I know absolutely nothing about poker (obviously), but I know monsters. This is the third Cthulhu request, the fourth if you want to count this guy, which I think officially allows this blog to be described as Lovecraftian. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn, Brad!

"A picture of Emily Dunn as a turtle"

Emily, you "dunn" been turned into a turtle! Don't thank me; thank requester Danny Catlow. Enjoy your new diet of small insects and aquatic plants! Thanks, Danny!

"A dark brown chihuahua called Marmite"

So far, all of the pet requests have come with photo references, but not this one from Nick Seeber. I'm sure the real Marmite is a little cutie, but this Marmite quivers like a maniac on his hind legs with the hope that you will give him one of your Cool Ranch Doritos. Thanks, Nick!

"A rat with a cone on his head"

Now this I can draw. I actually drew the rat first out of the three Stephen Eichner requests, but when I got around to his other two requests, and they turned out so incredibly mediocre, I went back and re-drew the rat from scratch, to make up for the lousy cars. I'll show you the rejected rat (who has more of a classic Mickey Mouse look) sometime in a post with all of the Taking Request rejects, but I like this one much better. Thanks, Stephen, for giving me such challenging requests!

"A police car sending a bunch of construction cones flying "

This request is marginally better than the last one from Stephen Eichner, because I was able to cover up my crappiness with flying cones! I have a feeling these pictures are going to be used for something--no idea what--and it bothers me that I'm not better at drawing automobiles. This is sort of "Part 2" in a three part series of requests, so I have one more chapter to redeem myself...Thanks again, Stephen!

"a cop dodging a big tractor trailer"

Okay, people, the truth is out. If there's one thing I completely suck at drawing, it's cars. I obeyed the request from Stephen Eichner, and I've probably shamed myself in the process. The best part is this is the first of two motor vehicle illustration requests from Mr. Eichner, so if you're a fan of seeing me humiliate myself in public, you have another bad car drawing to look forward to! *sigh* Thanks, Stephen!

"A Trazom beating Paul Gandersman to death for filming it"

Paul Gandersman wanted to see himself getting beaten by one of the characters from his very own movie. He thinks this will make up for the hours that he forced two men to wait on-set in the most uncomfortable costumes known to man. This drawing is simply not enough to make those men's nightmares disappear, but my work is done here...Thanks, Paul!

"Groucho Marx slapping Tom Servo"

Brian Saur's request feels like an in-joke that I'm not a part of. I would rather slap Tom Servo than Crow, so there's a part of me that can sympathize with Groucho Marx here, though. Thanks, Brian!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Alamo-Lamar sign taking chainsaw to cell user in theater"

This kind of stuff can be really fun to draw; I can't even pretend I'm offended. William B. Goss, you are a sick man, and I hope you get professional help, and I hope you request something similar in the near future. Thanks, William!

"Cthulhu Looking Dejected After Being Denied a Library Card"

Another Cthulhu request from Peter S. Hall of Horror's Not Dead fame. Thanks again, Peter!

"the grim reaper driving a bumper car"

"I'd like the grim reaper to be chasing a chubby, scared kid in another bumper car. If possible, the sickle should be pointed at the scared kid, like the reaper wants to touch him with it," requests Elissa Rodgers. I feel like this request has some kind of a story behind it, but I may never know for sure. We all meet our maker someday. Sorry, fat kid, but it looks like it's your time to go. Thanks, Elissa!

"Ed Wood Jr and a monkey with 3D glasses"

Oh, man, did this one give me problems. First of all, there's apparently only two photos of Ed Wood on the internet (three if you count one single image I found from Glen or Glenda), and the two pictures look like two completely different people. Secondly, I scanned this about a dozen times, and it scanned wrong every single time. Major frustration. So, instead of my head exploding with rage, I used the scanner's screw-up in my favor, cropped the picture differently than I planned, and gave it a 1950's color scheme. Personally, I think it works, and I can always re-scan this, Ant Timpson's second request, later for his own use. Thanks again, Ant!

"Gorilla armed with a video camera"

Ant Timpson is the first request from out of North America that I am aware of. This one comes all the way from New Zealand, which I think we can all agree is so much better than that dusty Old Zealand. Thanks, Ant!

"1 grey tabby doing something silly or catty"

And here's Plunkett--the companion piece to the request from Jenn Brown. He's got the Robert Carlyle thing goin' on from the film Plunkett & Macleane. Thanks, Jenn!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday Afternoon Update

Hey, all! I've been adjusting to a new (temporary) work schedule this week that's been getting me home very late at night (didn't get home until 4am last night), so there hasn't been a high volume of artistic output from me this week...


Thursday and Friday are my days off this week. I'll be posting at least TWENTY new pieces during those two days, so an avalanche of updates is on the way! I appreciate everyone's patience, and I know you won't be disappointed once the updates start flowing.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"1 ginger tabby doing something silly or catty"

Jenn Brown's cat is named Macleane, and his "brother" is Plunkett, so I decided to dress him in the costume Johnny Lee Miller wears in the 1999 film that bears these kitties' names, Plunkett & Macleane. Thanks, Jenn!

Monday, July 13, 2009

"a film geek girl, with glasses, writing in a notebook like a reporter"

Jenn Brown requested this, and, stylistically, it looks like my Hanna-Barbera influence is definitely showing. I think I'm going to ask my own drawing out on a date. Thanks, Jenn!

"rocket built by a six year old"

Requester Brandon Buck may have been expecting something else, but I promise this is a rocket built by a six year-old. This is my Millenium Falcon. It was made from a cardboard refrigerator box, and it sat in a bamboo clearing that grew along the edge of a pipeline behind my grandparents' house in Houston. My cousin Jared was five and I was six; most of the time, he was Luke and I was Han. We got good use of the box before the rain flattened it out and made it so that we couldn't get inside of it anymore.

Thanks, Brandon!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Evening Update

Some of you may have noticed that I disabled the PayPal Request button this week. I did this in order to allow myself to get caught up before the weekend, but no worries--the button will be restored on Friday, and I should have the list back down to a manageable size by then.

Here's a list of all the current paid requests in my email inbox, in order...
Brandon Buck, Jenn Brown, Becky Gandy, Anthony Timpson, Elissa Rodgers, Peter S. Hall, William B. Goss, Brian Saur, Paul Gandersman, Stephen Eichner, Nick Seeber, Danny Catlow, Bradley McHargue, Tara Tomlinson, Chad Walters, Freddy C. Hamby, Katie Slaughter, Wendy Cotter, Dawn Lambright, Debbie Cerda, Elizabeth Novo, Charles Cowan, Max Crandall, Tabitha Parker, Angela Maldanado, Rachel Cerkovnik, Brian Gordon, Noah Lee, George Hickman, Tiffany Sullivan, Jay Rawson, Paul Alvarado-Dykstra, Jen Blair, Mick Tomlinson, Joanna Holland.

Look for updates throughout the coming week! I am so excited that this has taken off in such a big way, and I owe everyone on this list my heartfelt thanks.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Jen Blair as a robot"

BEEP BOOP BEEP ROBOT NOISES...Jen Blair requested herself as a robot, so I drew her android head, suspended by wires and tubes. I'm happy with the likeness, which I tried to pull off with mostly line-work and a minimum of detail. Thanks, Jen!

"my cat Hootie"

Three requests in a row from Tanya Ortega for her beloved cat Hootie. Thanks, Tanya!

Friday, July 10, 2009

"a peeved boy fairy"

One peeved boy fairy comin' right up, Jamie Teekell. Why is he so ticked off? I would assume he's upset about the current American economic crisis, as most wee-folk of the forest glen are. Thanks, Jamie!

"zombie monkey biting someones neck"

What do zombie monkeys eat? PLANTAAAAAAAAAINS. Ugh. Sorry. There's a simplicity to this cartoon piece that I like quite a bit. This request comes from one of my nearest and dearest friends, Arnie Bobbitt, who has known me since I was in short pants. Check out his blog Zombie Monkey Attack! where he mostly muses about WoW and the sexual preferences of his friend Ryan. Thanks, Arnie!

"Something x files related"

You'll probably start to notice my likes and dislikes in regards to subject matter as this site continues, and you'll probably learn that I really like monsters. Makes sense then that I would choose to draw the memorable "flukeman" over Scully and Mulder in this X-Files request from 20/20 Proof. Thanks, Proof!