You Take Requests? For What Exactly?

Here's how it works...You give me five bucks, you tell me what to draw, and I draw it. I'll email you the image and then I'll post it here for everyone to see (I offer no guarantees on quality). Everyone wins!

Three things you can't request--Hardcore porn. The materials/media used. Your money back.

I will reject money for any logo requests (personal or corporate), so please don't send them. I have friends that are graphic designers, and that is their job--I'm just a cartoonist.

This is for fun and funds, so the quality of the drawing will depend based on my interest in the subject matter, the approach I decide to take, and available materials. Please don't cheat the system, by asking me to draw 100 different likenesses in one drawing for $5. I'll probably just send your money back. All requests will be posted on the site as I get to them (please keep in mind that I do have a full-time job). Due to shipping costs, I will only mail out the original art to folks who have made more than two requests. Please keep in mind that due to the size of the scanner, some of the pieces are folded or trimmed. I retain the full rights to any of the art I create, but if you want to use it for something, just ask me.

John Gholson

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"70s Sexy Soul Sista Fighting A Starship Trooper"

The research that went into creating every pain-staking detail of the Starship Troopers uniform in this illustration can not be quantified in Earth numbers. It was, like, a lot of time. Like three minutes or so on Google image search. A "bunch" of minutes, to use a scientific term. I can only assume Dshanya Reese has it out for Paul Verhoeven's man-versus-beetle wartime satire in the worst way, based on her request. It's certainly not my best drawing, but it's good enough to make you want to ask further questions about Miss Reese's desire to see Johnny Rico get his. Thanks, Dshanya!

1 comment:

  1. The starship troopers had only had 3 pockets on their gadget belts... I am beginning to question your commitment to this whole project.

    You gotta know that checking on this site has become a very, very happy part of my day. Trying to decide what to spend my five dollarses on.