You Take Requests? For What Exactly?

Here's how it works...You give me five bucks, you tell me what to draw, and I draw it. I'll email you the image and then I'll post it here for everyone to see (I offer no guarantees on quality). Everyone wins!

Three things you can't request--Hardcore porn. The materials/media used. Your money back.

I will reject money for any logo requests (personal or corporate), so please don't send them. I have friends that are graphic designers, and that is their job--I'm just a cartoonist.

This is for fun and funds, so the quality of the drawing will depend based on my interest in the subject matter, the approach I decide to take, and available materials. Please don't cheat the system, by asking me to draw 100 different likenesses in one drawing for $5. I'll probably just send your money back. All requests will be posted on the site as I get to them (please keep in mind that I do have a full-time job). Due to shipping costs, I will only mail out the original art to folks who have made more than two requests. Please keep in mind that due to the size of the scanner, some of the pieces are folded or trimmed. I retain the full rights to any of the art I create, but if you want to use it for something, just ask me.

John Gholson

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Night Update

Here's the queue, in order. I've left off my brother, Chris, because I can do his in person, and Debbie Cerda's request re-do, which I will get to when the volume of requests is at a comfortable place again...

1. Brian Gordon
2. Noah Lee
3. George Hickman
4. Tiffany Sullivan
5. Jay Rawson
6. Paul Alvarado-Dykstra
7. Jen Blair
8. Mick Tomlinson
9. Patrick Holland
10. Amy Cone

11. LAZK Enterprises
12. LAZK Enterprises
13. LAZK Enterprises
14. George Takenami
15. Jacob Hall
16. Greg Goodsell
17. Tim Capper
18. Sam Buys
19. Gillian Ashurst
20. Brandi Ferguson

21. Brian Saur
22. Brian Saur
23. Nicholas Anderson
24. Michael McCutchen
25. James Colunga
26. Richard Peacock
27. Brian Knowles
28. Dawn Lambright**
29. Dawn Lambright**
30. Rachelle Swaim

31. Tara Tomlinson
32. Tara Tomlinson
33. Catherine Couturier
34. Catherine Couturier
35. Tamara Cao
36. Matthew Lisowski
37. Truman Jensen
38. Gillian Ashurst
39. Matthew Corley
40. Amanda Yates**

(I'm turning the request button back on once I reach this point...)

41. Amanda Yates**
42. Caldweane Mandal
43. Justin Kovar
44. Justin Kovar
45. Matthew Bey
46. Danna Scott
47. Danna Scott
48. Jeremy Riegel
49. Rod Paddock

**For some reason, your payment came through with no request info attached. Please send me an email telling me what you want me to draw (

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